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The Bac Ha traditional horse racing competiton 202003:40:13 | 26-05-2020 | Directory: News - Events

With the purpose of promoting the potentials and strengths of the culture, sports, tourism and cultural heritage values of the ethnic groups in the locality, the Bac Ha traditional horse race is held every year. This year, the Bac Ha traditional horse racing competition in 2020 is organized with many interesting activities.

Horse racing competition

Time: from May 30th to May 31th , 2020

* Qualifying competition: 8:00 am on May 30th

* Final round competition: 8:00 am on May 31th

- Venue: Bac Ha district stadium

- Content: Organizing horse racing competitions for individuals and teammates

* Distance to qualifying competition: 1900m

* Distance to the semi-finals and finals: 1500m

Other activities

1. Bac Ha’s Photos Exhibition

- Time: From May 29th to May 31th , 2020

- Location: Hoang A Tuong palace

2. Experience picking Tam Hoa plums

- Time: From May 29th to May 31th, 2020

- Location: Na Hoi, Ta Chai; Cultural and tourism activities at Hoang A Tuong Palace, Bac Ha flower valley, km7 rose farm and community tourism villages.

3. Enjoy the program "Beauty of the White Highlands" - Bac Ha night market

- Time: From 8:00pm on May 30th ,2020 (Saturday)

- Venue: Bac Ha night market stage

4. Discover Bac Ha weekend Market

- Time: 08:00am on May 31th , 2020 (Sunday).

- Location: Bac Ha Cultural Market

Only a few days for this event to begin. This is truly an experience that you should’nt miss when traveling Vietnam in the summer.



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