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The Sa Pa beauty has seen from the fly camera07:40:59 | 23-12-2016 | Directory: News - Events

When photographed from above the Sa Pa town, Lao Cai has appeared very beautiful and charming.

Located in Northwestern of Vietnam, the Sa Pa town (Lao Cai) at an altitude of 1,600m above the sea level, 38 km far fromLaoCaiCityand 376 km from Ha Noi.SaPahas a tropical climate, but due to it’s location at the big altitude so has the cool air all the year, the Sa Pa average temperature is 15 ° C.

The love market area located in the center of Sapa town. The love market takes place on Saturday evening, On Sunday morning will has the fully products trading market . The mainly people joining the market are: Hmong, Dao,Tay, Giay ...

The Sa Pa stone church viewing from above. The church was built at the beginning of 20th century, with the total area of more than 6,000m2 included: the church district, a row of parish house, the priest's house, the breeding house, the angel house, the part of the front courtyard, the fence, the Saint garden area. The row of parish house was built parallel with the church district included 5 spaces. The shape and architecture of the church was built in the shape of the cross following the Roman Gothic architecture.

The further mountains chain is the Ham Rong (located in the Hoang Lien Son range). The Ham Rong mountain is located at an altitude of 1,850 m above the sea level. This is one of the famous tourist destination of Sapa.

The stop stations, orchid garden and other flowers on the way to the top of Ham Rong. All the resort was started in 1996, has an area of 148 hectares.

The Sa Pa lake is lie adjoining each other the administrative area ofSaPatown. This is considered the green lung of this tourist paradise. The guests staying at the guest-house around, looking at to the lake when the temperature is 2-3 ° C is an interesting feeling.

The row of house of the Sa Pa administration lie adjoining each other  was built regulated.

Not very far from the center of Sapa town are the famous tourist attractions such as Ta Van, Ban Ho, Trung Chai, Cat Cat... this is the place to be planned to become the tourist villages.

The colors of the terraces fieds was very beautiful from the fly camera.

Phan Thanh Nhan - TIPC Lao Cai

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