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Vietnam National Administration of Tourism launched the video-making contest to promote Vietnam’s tourism06:44:56 | 22-05-2020 | Directory: News - Events

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Vietnam's tourism industry (July 9, 1960 - July 9, 2020), the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism launched a tourism promotion video to propagate and introduce culture, image of the Vietnamese people to domestic and international visitors

At the same time, organisers expect the contest will help inspire a love of and desire for exploring Vietnam among travellers.

SUBJECT OF CONTEST: Vietnamese or foreign who has been traveling to Vietnam, aged 18 years or older.


- Contest with the theme of discovering the beauty of the country, people, culture and Vietnam travel destinations. The submissions show the beautiful landscape,

interesting experiences, telling inspirational, creative and fun stories.

- Duration of video: minimum 30 seconds and maximum 2 minutes (if selected

at the award ceremony, the Organizing Committee will supplement the logo of Vietnam Tourism and sponsors for about 3 seconds).


- Participation in the contest means that the author approves all provisions of the contest rules.

- Each author can send maximum 5 clips to the contest.

- No notes, signatures on the display screen clips. Do not use winning products at other contests.

- The authors who have won the award will award the right to use the product to the Organizing Committee (Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and sponsors) for the promotion of Vietnam tourism, without paying any extra cost.

- Clips only include copyrighted material of the author (if there is music, audio, images or videos copyrighted by another author, there must be a quote / permission of another author in writing).

- The author of the contest must be responsible for copyright of all details of his work and related consequences (if any). Organizing Committee is not responsible for any disputes related to copyrighted works.

- Winning video are use for promotion activities, if violating copyright and related rights in accordance with the law, the Organizing Committee will revoke the awards and certificates. The author is responsible before the law for his violations.

- If violating the contest rules, the Organizing Committee is allowed to remove any video, before, during and after the competition.

- After announcing the prize, the Organizing Committee / Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has the right to edit and modify a part of the product but not change the content of the video to suit the tastes of the market.

- The decision of the Organizing Committee is the final result.


- Winning video will be evaluated based on the following selection criteria:

• Unique perspective, from how to edit the video to how to express a bright perspective create

• Communicate your experience / experience for the purpose of introduction, promote Vietnam tourism.

• The story is telling in the way that inspires and attracts the audience.

- The following works will not be considered:

• Inappropriate content: content that is indecent, obscene, abusive, harassing, or libelous, or depicts inappropriate conduct or, causes injury, death, or hatred.

• Dangerous or irresponsible behavior that may harm yourself or others,

• Content racist / discriminatory.

• Content that is sensitive to politics or culture, or violates applicable laws and regulations.


- Contest videos will be sent to the email address: [email protected] The content of the email clearly stated: The name of the video / author; number of video/ total (each author must not exceed 5 clips); contact phone.

- Contest entries will be posted on Playlist of Youtube page of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.


- 01 Special prize: A package-trip across Vietnam (9 days, 8 nights) for 02 people.

- 01 First Prize: A package trip across Vietnam (7 days, 6 nights) for 02 people.

- 02 Second prizes: A vacation in Phu Quoc or Da Nang or Sapa package (5 days, 4 nights) for 02 people.

- 03 Third prizes: A vacation in Quy Nhon or Hue or Ninh Binh package (3 days, 2 nights) for 02 people.

- Consolation prize: Voucher to stay at 4 - 5 star hotel in Phu Quoc or Nha Trang or Quang Ninh.

Products that have been submitted but have not been awarded, the Organizing Committee will also choose to serve the promotion of introducing Vietnam tourism to international friends.

ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE: The Contest Organizing Committee is established by the General Department of Tourism.


- Launching the contest: from May 15, 2020.

- Time to receive products for the contest: from the launch to the end of June 15, 2020.

- Time of judging: at the end of June 2020.

- Organizing summation and awarding: the end of July 202020.


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