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Vietnam tourism space at the Vietnam-China International Fair 2017 Unique and impressive02:21:43 | 28-12-2017 | Directory: News - Events

The promotion of tourism at the Vietnam-China International Trade Fair (Lao Cai) 2017 which was held from 10th  to 15th  November 2017, was designed and displayed unique and impressive. attracting a lot of tourists, delegates to visit, contribute to direct promotion, make a beautiful impression of tourism in Vietnam in general and Lao Cai in particular.

The exhibition space, promotion and tourism was arranged at the second floor of the Kim Thanh Fair Center with an area of about 600 m2, including space for tourism of Vietnam and China. In the area of about 300 m2 is designed, arranged into 02 open spaces connected by the small stage just in front of the second floor. The small stage area includes the main font, sound, light, the stage is the place to perform special performances of the province and show the video clips, discs, reports and the image of the 2017 National Tourism Year Lao Cai calendar and the North West region. The promotion and promotion through the tourism website, through the social has been promoted, in addition with the reasonable design is right at tàihe first floor entrance steps to the second floor of the Fair Center has set the gate General exhibition, promotion, tourism promotion of the Northwestern provinces and provinces to respond to the events of the 2017 National Tourism Year with the theme "National Tourism Year 2017 - color Northwest unique and attractive "has attracted the attention, attention of crowded guests to visit.

More than 20 booths with the participation of the Northwestern provinces expanded and businesses such as Hoa Binh, Yen Bai, Phu Tho, Ha Giang .... the response provinces such as Hanoi, Vinh Phuc ... tourism enterprises as Binh Minh International Travel Company Limited, Aristo, Fansipan Cable Car Tourism Service Co., Ltd. Are designed into small open spaces that create the interference and cohesion in the exhibition. travel, promote tourism. The layout of the area is reasonable with the fonts, panels, longitudinals, flowers, plants, consultancy booths, display shelves to ensure the design, decoration space impressive, introductory promotion of the writing Characteristics, images and beautiful tourist destination of Lao Cai and other provinces. In the space of each province, various show and introduction activities have introduced new tours, tourist routes, new products and tourist services; Promotional packages, discount travel tuor, discount hotel services, restaurants..., introduction and display of promotional publications such as: beautiful photos travel; travel books; travel map; brochures, travel brochures, brochures of travel agencies. One of the distinctive features of the Fair is the display of gifts, souvenirs and photo exhibits of the 2017 Product Design and Beauty Contest. Lao Cai province has attracted thousands of visitors.

With the desire to promote, introduce tourism products, attractive tourist destinations of Lao Cai, 8 provinces Northwest Expansion and other top tourist destinations of Vietnam, the space tourism Vietnam has made a great impression and contributed to the success of the 17 th Vietnam-China International Trade Fair (Lao Cai) in 2017.

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