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Waste separation in Sa Pa town03:18:44 | 10-07-2017 | Directory: News - Events

Welcome all of local people and the tourists who come to Sa Pa town to participate the program of waste separation in Sapa

Waste will harm to our environment (soil, water, air ...), causing diseases. Waste is also be a good resource if we know well to recycle and reuse in a reasonable manner.

Each of us should classify waste  in a processes any time and anywhere: in your home, at a restaurant, in the hotel, at the bus station, at the train station, in the Park…. Let classify all of the garbages by yourself:

- Inorganic waste are all of garbagas which can’t decompose: beer cans, glass jars, ceramic, plastic, steel and nylon. Let's put them in the trash with yellow or red colour

- Organic waste is biodegradable waste such as fruit vegetables, leftovers. Let's put them in the blue trash.

With just a small act that we can join to contribute a fresh environmental for Sa Pa more beautiful and more clean.

Thank you very much!


                                                                                                                                                                    To Uyen

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