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Homestay – A wonderful experience in Sapa

Homestay  – A wonderful experience in Sapa

Homestay is a separate market in the tourism industry of the whole country in general and in Lao Cai province in particular, this is the type of accommodation service that is popular with many domestic and international tourists, because of the diversity in the Experience with the traditional culture of the locals. If you choose Sapa for your vacation, you can think of using 1 or 2 days to spend your time with the minorities in their homestay.

By 2020, there are 169 homestays in Sapa city, focus mainly on the communes of: Lao Chai (11 homestays); Ta Van (52 homestays); Ta Phin (21 homestays); Ban Ho (27 homestays); Nam Sai (6 homestays); Nam Cang (1 homestay); Hau Thao (41 homestays); San Sa Ho (5 homestay); Su Pan (2 homestays) and Thanh Phu commune with 3 homestays. With 1727 beds, homestay in Sapa always meet all the needs of a large number of domestic and international visitors. Especially. This business form have helped 495 ethnic minority laborers with stable incomes, it also has made an important contribution to the economic development of the locality.


Facilities and Services of the Homestay

 Homestay in Sapa attract tourists by rich and variety experiences with the unique cultural features of 5 ethnic minorities, because you will have change to discover this beautiful land, with fresh air and majestic scenery of Hoang Lien mountain. Moreover you can enjoy the best local foods in the Northwest of Viet Nam. Please give yourself the opportunity to experience with smart choice, because you will never be disappointed.

Photos: To Uyen

To Uyen


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