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Places to rent a motorbike in Sapa15:26:43 | 30-04-2020

Sapa is a beautiful town and also one of the most attractive tourist destinations of
Vietnam. Different from other places, with steep terrain and many hills and
mountains, Sa Pa always brings its own beauty, closeness and arrogance. So rent a
motorbike to visit so you can take the initiative in the time and means to get to
wherever you want without depending on anyone or any other vehicle. Instead, the
cost is much cheaper.

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Taxis – Motorbike taxi in Sapa

Taxis – Motorbike taxi in Sapa08:08:43 | 23-04-2020

To travel around SaPa, if you do not travel by private car, the two most popular chooses now are the taxi and motorbike taxi. People's Committee of Sa Pa District has made planning the motorbike rally point as the small group. The motorbike taxi and taxi companies have to publicly price list. You should refer to the table of price list before use any service from them. Here's information and contact list of units who providing this service.

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Important notes when renting a motorbike in Sapa to save money and safely15:33:38 | 30-04-2020

Before making decisions about renting a motorbike in Sapa, you need to consider
the following notes to be able to find yourself a satisfactory car, the price is
suitable for the whole journey.

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