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Important notes when renting a motorbike in Sapa to save money and safely15:33:38 | 30-04-2020 | Directory: Taxi & Motorbikes

Before making decisions about renting a motorbike in Sapa, you need to consider
the following notes to be able to find yourself a satisfactory car, the price is
suitable for the whole journey.

+ You should choose the next generation motorcycles to be convenient and easy to
use such as: jupiter, Wave RS ... Of those motorcycles, you should choose Wave
RS because it is very common, easy to use and economical.
+ To avoid the case of injustice, when receiving a motorbike, you definitely have
to check really thoroughly before and after the motorcycle with lights, horns, neck
locks, turn signals ...
+ Remember to ask for the phone number of the motorbike rental owner to be
proactive in everything
+ Refueling right after renting a motorbike because petrol stations in Sapa often
open very late, close early and stay very far apart.
+ If you go near or around town, you can rent a bicycle or walk for savings and

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