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The new attractive check-in places in Sapa

The new attractive check-in places in Sapa00:17:56 | 10-07-2020

Sapa recently added some new check-in places that fascinate travelers. Let's explore together!

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Eco Palms House - Sa Pa Retreat

Eco Palms House - Sa Pa Retreat06:29:55 | 23-07-2020

Eco Palms House is located in the village of the Black H'Mong people in Lao Chai village, with the best location to admire the Hoang Lien S?n mountain and Muong Hoa valley.

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Sunset spots in Sapa

Sunset spots in Sapa01:05:22 | 06-08-2020

Sunset - a magical moment of creation creates a poetic scene that can hardly be described by words.

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Conquering the Peaks, looking for sea of cloud and enjoy the majestic nature

Conquering the Peaks, looking for sea of cloud and enjoy the majestic nature06:00:46 | 07-05-2020

         Conquering high mountains in any ways will leave in you great emotions, impressions. From the top, you will have the opportunity to admire the magnificent mountains and forests, that make we love our country, love the natural beauty of Lao Cai - Northwest.

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Lanscapes  in  Sa Pa

Lanscapes in Sa Pa07:40:31 | 07-05-2020

        Ta Van commune in Muong Hoa valley is located in the South and 8 km from SaPa township. Ta Van mean “ a big turning road” like  a basket brim. Vast terraces fields with unique position of a big turning road become a lanscape and a distinction of Ta Van. Seo Mi Ty century –old pine forest, a halp day of sloping road away from township centre, is also a particularly interesting eco –tourist site of Ta Van. Ta Van has become an integral tourist site for ecological excursions in SaPa.

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