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Lost in a fairy domain at Lee’s House01:48:22 | 26-06-2020 | Directory: The Attractions in Sapa

A homestay in the direction of a miniature mini resort in Ta Van, a house that just steps in will know the owner there has taste.

Travel - Experience - Stay Beautiful and Live Quality

There are many super nice and deep corners to hide in the noisy city

Lee’s House Stay Boutique - Ta Van's most beautiful homestay with super nice views, overlooking the Muong Hoa valley. There are many room types so that we can easily choose for vacation with family, friends and lovers such as: dormitory, family room, double bed room, single bed room...

In addition, this homestay also has a restaurant with many unique dishes, tobacco bath service of the Red Dao ethnic group. Join in the nature and enjoy local cuisine. Slowly watch the sunset, touch the clouds or close your eyes to hear the whisper of the wind... You cannot experience them anywhere but in Lee’s House.

Let's enjoy some nice pictures of Lee's House homestay here:


                                                                                                                         Photos and written by Phuong Chi

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