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The Beauty of Terraced Rice Field In Sapa09:24:11 | 24-04-2020 | Directory: The Attractions in Sapa

          Being in the sub-tropical monsoon climate and having to wait for rain to fall (people here call it the flooding season), the upland area of Lao Cai as well as some Northwest provinces to May and June every year- time for a new crop. This is the time to appear the enchanting beauty of summer on the terraced rice fields in Sapa.

The Northwest mountains and forests merged with the space of the mountains, grass hills, the harmony of the birds singing and the cool breeze. Sometimes it seems that the fields are fluttering with each wind, sometimes it is quiet as if the rice plants are asleep or whispering.

     Rice field in Ta Phin village, photo by To Uyen

    The wild features of the tourist attraction in Sapa must therefore be beautiful and poetic. People would have to invite each other to travel to Sapa many times to be able to see the terraced rice field, to be able to embrace the full definition of the natural flavor of the heart.

       Rice in Lao Chai village, Photo by Thanh Tuan

  Rice in Sin Chai village, Photo by Thanh Tuan

Many tourists, while admiring the beauty of the terraced fields, could not help but exclaim and enjoy: Why in the middle of the hills and hills can the rice fields grow so much? Many people also said that when making the field, the farmers in the upland area must be very excited, so they could draw strange and beautiful terraced fields.

         Rice in Ta Van village, Photo by Thanh Tuan

Every terraced field, large and small, is carved to look very convenient and easy to cultivate. There are hundreds of hectares of terraced fields in Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai, Ta Van, Ta Phin, Trung Chai ... They look like giant landscape paintings with soft, winding lines that barefoot painters should paint.

        Rice in Sa Seng village, Photo by Thanh Tuan

 Rice field in Nam Cang village, Photo by Thanh Tuan

The existing terraced fields on the side of the National Highway 4D and the way back to Sapa are really pictures with countless designs. Terraced rice fields in Sa Pa are attractive tourist destinations of international tourists and visitors from the Southern provinces whenever they come to the Northwestern part of the country to discover the beauty of their homeland. The lines, unintentional color patches of artists in Sapa have attracted many tourists to Sapa to travel.


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