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Sa Pa has a unique feature that impresses many tourists is the life in the villages. Sa Pa is like a brocade cloth with many vivid motifs with villages bearing the national colors: Cat Cat, Ta Phin, Ta Van, Ban Ho, Sin Chai. Coming to Sa Pa, you do not miss the opportunity to explore the beautiful villages that are always full of life on high mountains, in the valleys of this colorful land.



Only about 2km from Sa Pa center, you will see an old Mong village with many traditional crafts such as linen weaving, cloth, brocade weaving, jewelry making with natural materials. There are also typical houses in highland architecture that warm the winter and cool in the summer. In addition, Cat Cat village retains a lot of traditional customs from a long time that elsewhere has been lost or no longer focused much.

Visiting Cat Cat village, you will go through winding winding roads close to the houses and know about their daily life. Besides, you can learn the traditional jobs of the Mong people here, with simple looms, they can weave colorful brocade fabrics with all kinds of flowers, birds.


Coming to Ta Phin village, you will love the colors on the traditional brocade sets of the Mong and Dao people with many fancy motifs that are cleverly and sophisticatedly woven. There is a famous brocade club established by the people themselves to preserve and develop the traditional profession of the nation.

Ancient monastery in Ta Phin

Ta Phin is also famous for a mysterious ancient monastery hidden in the fog with ancient and impressive Western architecture. Although it has been abandoned for quite a long time, the monastery retains the ancient features of the classical architecture that attracts many visitors who come to visit.


About 8km southeast of Sapa center of 4D National Road, Ta Van village is also one of the villages attracting tourists in this foggy country. Coming to Ta Van - a Giay village with lush green terraces, young rice color interwoven with new baby corn color, you will feel excited when you have the opportunity to learn about Giay lifestyle and lifestyle. in the region of this country civilized rice.


Giay people are a people with a quite rich and diverse culture in Sapa with many old tales, folk songs, proverbs, ... Come here, drop your soul into the long-standing ancient stories, live between The mountains are always green, the color of rice and the honest people, you will feel the serenity and peace that urban life rarely has.


The reddish-brown leaf color of Hoang Lien National Forest, interwoven with the green rice color on the terraced fields, is a scene that appears before the eyes when traveling through each winding, winding road to come to Ho village. beautiful. Ban Ho has a cool climate, not too cold like Ta Van or Ta Phin, you can just need thin coats to stroll and visit Hoang Lien National Forest here.

While visiting Hoang Lien National Forest, you will be immersed in the pure Lave stream between the forest and watch the White Jumping waterfall erase the rushing bubbles all day and night. Besides, staying with indigenous people to explore and visit in the warm, friendly space of small houses on stilts is an attraction for tourists coming to Ho village.


Sin Chai village of the buttocks is located in San Sa Ho commune with about 1400 people living only about 4km from Sapa. Tourists come here often have a big question about the secret of life of the people, because in Sin Chai there are many elderly people, especially women. They explained that due to the peaceful life, fresh climate, harmonious nature always "protects" their health.

The houses of Sin Chai villagers are intertwined with each terraced field.

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