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Prices and information about the 8 most beautiful destinations in Sapa.01:58:30 | 28-03-2018 | Directory: Top 10 Attractions

Prices and  information about the 8 most beautiful destinations in Sapa.

The summer is coming, Sapa is one of destinations where a lot of people want to visit. To help you get a perfect trip, we update you on the prices and the information about the tourist destinations.

1.Sapa church.

Being the French architecture existing until nowadays. This church becomes Sapa’s symbol. It is totally free for visiting. Sapa church is also considered as the centre or the heart of Sapa town.

2. Ham Rong mountain.

It is located just behind the Sapa church. This is a destination attracting a lot of Vietnamese tourists. You have to climb a little bit but not too fatigued. The total time to get there, go sightseeing and go back just about 2 hours 30 minutes.

Ticket price : 70.000 vnd/ adult and 30.000 vnd/child

3. Cat cat village.

It is about 3 kilometers from the centre town. It is one of the antique Black Mong villages – the most crowded people in Sapa. The village is gorgeous with terraced rice fields,  waterfalls,  handicrafts and ethnic dances.

Ticket price : 70.000 vnd/ adult and 30.000 vnd/child

4. Fansipan cable car

When coming to Sapa, you shouldn’t miss the chance to conquer Fansipan Indochina summit (3.143 meters) by cable car. On the cable car, you will feel absolutely excited as hanging in mid -air. The cable car station is about 5 kilometers from the centre town.

Ticket price: ( round-trip) + cable car: 700.000 vnd/ adult and 500.000 vnd / child

                                              + mountain railway : 150.000 vnd/ person

5. Lao Chai, Ta Van village

This is an interesting travel route. If the tourists ask us where the best beautiful landscapes in Sapa was, we will advise them this place. We are sure that Muong Hoa valley, the mighty Hoang Lien Son mountain range, the wonderful terraces and the beautiful villages will make them satisfied.

Ticket price: 75.000 vnd/adult and 30.000vnd/ child

6. Ta Phin village.

It’s about 10 kilometers from Sapa town. This is a living area of Red Dao people. There are a lot of things interesting such as Ta Phin monastery, Ta Phin cave, handicrafts, especially herbal bath of Red Dao people that is really good for health.

Ticket price: 40.000 vnd/adult and 20.000 vnd/ child

7. Silver waterfall.

It’s about 12 kilometers from Sapa town. This is the largest waterfall in Sapa. Because of its convenient location, the car can take you to the foot of waterfall and you just climb up.

Ticket price : 20.000 vnd/adult and 10.000/child

8. Love waterfall

 It takes 2 kilometers from Silver waterfall to Tram Ton pass. Walking more one kilometer you will get Love waterfall. This waterfall is extremely romantic as its name.

Ticket price : 70.000 vnd/ adult and 30.000 vnd/ child.

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