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Rice fields in Sa Pa

Relic zone rice terraces in Sapa with a total area of 1,000 ha (3 Ta Van, Lao Chai, Most Thao) located adjacent to each other, spanning both sides of the beautiful Muong Hoa stream. This is the result of a combination of skillful hands, scientific thought with experienced of three ethnic groups Dao, H'mong, Giay. Relic zone rice terraces extending from Muong Hoa stream up to middle of the mountain. Its look like a giant ladder up to sky.

The life of local people mainly depend on farming rice terraces. For obtain the rice terraces as enchanted. local people had to undergo many steps such as selected land, making fields, water irrigation, prepare  soil, plowing, seeding, planting,  caring and harvesting. Local people here do not use the machines and modern technology just only the rudimentary tools such as hoes, crowbars, knives, plowing, harrows..... but they has been made an " art masterpiece ".

The temperature in this region quite low during the year, so they only have one harvest. In April, May they lead water into  fields for start a new season, These fields look like wear a new dress colorful and sparkling under the sun, In the end of May to early of June they start plant rice. July is the period of young rice, In july all terraces are coverd by green. In September and october the rice are ready for harvest. Only yellow color stretching on slopes.

Especially during cultivation on the terraced fields, its  made an unique culture of local people. That is the folk ritual for pray good weather, good harvests and gods protect rice crops. Such as new rice celebration, Roong pooc of Giay tribe, Sai San of H'mong tribe.

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