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Ripening fruit season in Sapa

Ripening fruit season in Sapa09:41:50 | 19-06-2017

Coming to Sapa in summer, beside enjoying cool and fresh climate,  tourists can enjoy scent and sweet fruits. That is the reason why many travellers choose to go to Sapa in summer.

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What should to buy as a gift when travelling in Lao Cai

What should to buy as a gift when travelling in Lao Cai00:00:58 | 30-03-2017

Visiting Lao Cai in April is a time when the visitors have the opportunity to enjoy and experience with many specialties of this high mountain areas. Among the outstanding dishes have to mention that kohlrabi vegetable which is a vegetable only in Sapa, Lao Cai province.

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Brocade Sa Pa – meaningful gifls for tourists

Brocade Sa Pa – meaningful gifls for tourists03:49:27 | 16-11-2016

Sa Pa is a beautiful tourist destination with the harmony of nature and the earth, creating a magical surprise of the land and its people in here. After once trip in Sa Pa, the souvenir  is necessary to guests as gifls to relatives and friends.

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