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Brocade Sa Pa – meaningful gifls for tourists14:41:34 | 23-04-2020 | Directory: What to buy?

Sa Pa is a beautiful tourist destination with the harmony of nature and the earth, creating a magical surprise of the land and its people in here. After once trip in Sa Pa, the souvenir  is necessary to guests as gifls to relatives and friends.

The most common and characteristic in Sa Pa is brocade. Brocade in Sa Pa is famous for the unique material, gorgeous embroidery patterns. A reliable adresse that you can buy products which are totally hand embroidered by local people in Brocade Mountain cooperative, the store displays sell items in Sa Pa town.

In here, you can admire and choose for yourseff the brocade coat, lot of stypes, such as bowler hats, scarves, shoulder bags, purses, bracelets and clothes with colorful textures.  These products are made by the hands of the indigenous people, are embroidered, elaborately woven so meticulously. Especially in the brocade booth there are many products to choose from are quilt cover, pillowcases and bed sheets with motifs characteristic of the land and friendly and hospitality people of  Sa Pa. With the brocade product of Sa Pa, tourisms exhibited in the living room, bedroom or office will create a cozy and luxurious difference. Especially, when coming to Borocade Mountain cooperative, customers can rest assured  about the price, quality and dedicated service of the staff  here. 


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