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Five Colors Steamed Glutinous Rice Of Giay People In Sapa03:04:08 | 12-10-2016 | Directory: What to eat?

Giay people in Sapa has nearly by a thousand people are concentrated mainly along Muong Hoa valley. They prefer to built their big villages in the fertile lands along stream broad and relatively flat. Giay people is very famous of special local food such as: Khau Nhuc; Crumb cake; Day cake; five colors steamed glutinous rice…

Colors steamed glutinous rice is one of the most special feature of Giay people. The best kind of rice will be chosen to make this kind of food, there are five colos: white is the main color of rice; red, yellow, green and purple are made by different kind of leaves in the forest. Nowaday, it’s very easy to find in the garden of Giay people. For example: They use ginger leaf to make Green for this food; Gac fruit is used for Red; Turmeric is used for Yeallow and a special kind of tree is used for Purple.

 Five colors symbolize five basic elements: White is mental; Green is Wood; Red is Fire; yeallow is Land and purple is Water. It is believed that Five elements support the theory of Sky, Earth and Human. They also believe in eating Five colors steamed Glutinous rice on any important festivals will have luck and happiness for their life. It’s also a lucky present for visitors who come to villages of Giay ethnic minority in Sapa.

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