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Flavor of Corn wine Hong My - Ban Pho14:31:18 | 23-04-2020 | Directory: What to eat?

Hoang A Tuong palace is situated majestically on the White highland, with the architecture combination of European and Asia. It's a unique style of architecture. Particularly, a good place has used to reappear the process of making the Corn wine Hong My. It has attracted tourists in many countries in the world come and tasting this kind of Corn wine.

Previously, enjoying Corn wine is quite popular in every village of Bac Ha. Ban Pho's corn wine of H'mong people is very famous and become a kind of special local wine for everybody who is interested in tasting corn wine in the White highland. Especially, tasting this kind of Corn wine will be a wonderful experience for the tourists who come to Hoang A Tuong palace. Currently, Hoang A Tuong palace has reappeared the traditional way to make the Corn wine of H'mong people for the visitors.

Visitors who come to Hoang A Tuong palace will see the real process of making Corn wine Hong My and they can try a cup of Corn wine. Especially the tourists can learn how to make this special Corn wine of H'Mong people.

To Make this kind of Corn wine, the local people have to select the best kind of corn and boiled the corn with the small fire and then the corn will be annealed with Hong My's yeast for a week, the last it will be distilled. The Corn wine of White highland has special taste because of the flavor of the mountain, the best corn, the cool water from the rock... When enjoying a cup of Corn wine, it's very difficult to say clearly about your special feeling. What makes the difference taste for this kind of Corn wine? It's due to the natural yeast - Hong My.

Welcome to Hoang A Tuong palace and enjoy the best kind of local wine of White highland.

Tran Thanh Tuan - TIPC Lao Cai

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