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Green peas vegetable - fresh taste specialties of highland00:44:11 | 09-08-2016 | Directory: What to eat?

Visit to Lao Cai, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious food made from vegetables such as: chayote vegetables, borecoles…and can’t help mentioning the green peas vegetables. Talking about green peas vegetables, maybe most of people just thinking of harvesting fruits and nuts but in Lao Cai, the local people mainly harvest  vegetable tops.

Green peas vegetables are planted from October to March next year, vegetable tops is very small but soft and pale green. People often use green peas vegetables to stir-fried, boiled, cooked soup with minced meats, bones…or simply just cooked but very delicious. Due to the small body and a lot of leaves so just 200 - 300g is enough to processing a delicious soup for 4 people to eat, green peas vegetables are vegetables secure and extremely attractive in Lao Cai.

Green peas vegetable

Green peas vegetable  

In winter green peas vegetables can be grown in many places, but when growth in upland it has taste of the mountains, but nowhere has been. With a temperate climate are favorable for growing vegetables, we can say in Lao Cai is the kingdom of green peas vegetables. If you have the opportunitys visit to Lao Cai, you should try to enjoy green peas vegetable soups, make sure you will remember the sweet taste of its, delicious taste only in Lao Cai. 

Nguyen Thanh Ngan - TIPC Lao Cai

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