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Sa Pa is famous for the various and delicious dishes14:41:17 | 23-04-2020 | Directory: What to eat?

Enjoying crispy fried spring fish or tasting local mustard is unforgettable impression of Sapa cusine.

Sapa not only attracts visitors by charming scenery of mountains, but also delicious dishes. Besides these products can be purchased as a gift, such as plums, mushrooms, corn liquor ... where there are many other interesting delicacies that are just Sa Pa.

Salmon fish

Previously, the salmon was only known in the coast of Northern Europe and the America. After applying several methods, the famous specie fish was present in Sa Pa and quickly became the food having been much loved.

Sa Pa salmon characterized firm, but soft, sweet with atractive orange color. Going to any restaurant in this Sapa town, you are easy to call the delicious dishes made from salmon as salad, fried ruffled, baking, shrimp ...and hotpot is the most popular.

With these skilful hands, salmon hotpot has no fishy at all. moreover, this kind of dish become more charming when it is combined with the forest vegetables. In the cold of the mountains, sipping a cup of wild apple wine beside a steaming hot pot will bring an unforgettable experience.

 Grilled piglet

 Piglet is a breed from Mong cummunity. this species are left unbridled. The name "Piglet" is often explained with the meaning of the compatriots gripping pig on their arm when selling. Typically, each pig weigh only from 4 to 5 kg.

Many dishes are made from piglet such as fried, steamed, grilled ... The most common and attractive is grilled with honey attractive, pieces of meat are crispy with dermal portion and nice and soft lean, sweet charming. This dish is eaten with sauce prepared from"Nhôi" leaves, "D?i" seed, salt and green chillies.


With the cool climate all year round in Sa Pa create favorable conditions for growing chayote. Thus, this vegetable is quickly becoming one of the many specialties in the mountainous town. Everywhere around town, you are easily to see the chayote rigs being full of green fruits.

Two dishes made from chayote which any tourist want to try the stalks of chayote sautéed garlic and the fruits being boiled with carrots. Chayote leaves after being fried wich create crispy and buttery taste, combined with white garlic that dishes became more bold. Meanwhile, the fruit was eaten boiled with sesame.

Barbecue - ?? n??ng

Barbecue  is one of the most popular speciality and easy to find when you arrive in Sapa, the stores of barbecue are available everywhere in town with different kinds. If you're hungry, you can choose a skewer of local mustard rolled with beef, chicken and steaky rice, ... Also looking for something to sip on a walk, hot grilled corn, fried salmon or sturgeon are the options for you to consider.

Stream fish

This is the typical dish of rolling land with mountain  and various streams, bending over every rock. Sa Pa spring fish are not as large as those reared in ponds but have characteristics with firm meat, soft bone and strange fragrance.

Each fish in this big of 2-3 fingers and often disguised as blue, the same color as alga in the interstitial rocks. Because of bones therefore the stream fishes are often fried with the strange fragrance and sweet meat which are unfogetable,  


Mustard is small vegetables. Previously, this kind of vegetable was grown for food and not for sale. However, with the development of tourism, the mustard has been extended over the crop.

Mustard is usually fried, boiled or eating with hotpot but the special dish is the mustard soup with ginger. It depends on different places, this soup is put with minced chicken or pork. Whether cooked in any way, this soup still remains cool naturally sweet and slightly bitter.

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