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Coming to the Northwest such as Lao Cai, Dien Bien, Hoa Binh, Son La, Yen Bai, ... you should not ignore the special smoked meat. The smoked meat of the Northwestern have never stopped making people feel good when enjoying them.

Smoked buffalo

This dish was originally a specialty of the black Thai people. In the past, they thought of how to marinate buffalo and cow hanging on the stove to be able to eat for long time, used on important holidays. Nowadays, smoked buffalo becomes a specialty of the Northwest that is enjoyed by tourists.

Meat is usually cut into large pieces of meat; then marinate chili, salt, ginger, forest leaf water, a kind of forest pepper and hang on the stove to smoke until outside is dry, dark brown, but inside is still pink, bright red, sweet, can be processed into many dishes such as grilled, stewed or cooked, ... The best preserved smoked buffalo for 6 to 8 months still does not lose its taste.

Smoked beef

Smoked beef is the type of cow raised in the forest, the meat is sliced into large pieces, then marinated chili, ginger, chopped, and nuts and salt.

When the seasoning is absorbed, bring the meat hang on the stove. Then continue to set the fire continuously, there must always be charcoal and smoke in the kitchen. Depending on the taste, the meat will be dried to different degrees.

Smoked beef is stored in the refrigerator freezer for 6-8 months. When eating, you just need to steam again for the aromatic meat is soft.

Vietnamese bacon

Not only buffalo and beef meat, the taste of Northwest Bacon is also mesmerizing.

It is taken from pigs in the mountains. Meat after cutting into blocks is brought to salt, washed with alcohol and put in a jar for 3 to 4 days, then brought out to wash with cool boiled water, dried and hung on the stove. The pieces of meat hanging on the stove will dry out by smoked. When the skin layer, tenderloin changes color, the fat layer becomes clear, you can be assured to eat gradually throughout the year without worrying about losing nutrients. Enjoy dishes made from smoked pork with crispy skin, clear fat, tender filet.

Smoked Vietnamese sausages

Vietnamese sausages are made from the best portion of pork that is sliced moderately; then grind, marinate and stuff into the pig intestines.

There is a tip of the Northwestern experience is that marinating meat with white wine and ginger juice will help the sausage have a very specific aroma and to be longer. After stuffing, bring the sausages to the sun or hang on the stove to dry. The warmth of the fire will make the sausages gradually toned. Vietnamese sausage is delicious and greasy. When eaten just boiled, fried or fried with vegetables.

Smoked meat is usually made on New Year. Don’t worried! Nowaday, coming to the Northwest all year around, you can enjoy these special dishes!


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