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Visiting traditional cooking corn wine villages in Ban Pho - Bac Ha03:03:40 | 12-08-2016 | Directory: What to eat?

Ban Pho - Bac Ha has long been famous with corn wine. Anyone come to Bac Ha are keen on tasting the corn wine here. Bac Ha has many places distill corn wine but corn wine in Ban Pho is the most famous by the tangy, charm flavor.

Ban Pho Wine

To make this own flavor, many people in Ban Pho village think that is brewed by traditional yeasts, this name is "Hong My”, and water resources flowing from creek is fresh and cool. Ban Pho attracts tourists not only by corn wine but also by the village landscape, fresh air, tranquility of the village and especially the unique customs of the H’mong ethnic here.

Ban Pho Wine

Ban Pho Wine

Currently, 2A Ban Pho village, Ban Pho commune, Bac Ha, Seo Thong Ly family, Chu Thi Vang was assessed the most attractive place tourists to visit. Visitors can directly observed processes cooking corn wine  in here. Especially tourists can enjoy wine flavor has finished distilling. Come to Ban Pho, tourists will be discovered the traditions, the daily life activities with vegetables gardens, corn fields, plum gardens, small pigs, black chickens and the signature dish of H’mong people. Every season, tourists come here will have the opportunity to enjoy the different agricultural products such as: corns, squashs, soybeans, borecoles, peaches, plums, pears, peppers…Especially on September, October borecole flowers will bloom and the valley will be coverd by yellow color, that would be extremely interesting for anyone who loves photography.

Ban Pho Wine

Not only visitors learn about wine but also visitors have the opportunity to discover more about the "wine culture" of the H’mong people there. With the H’mong people, wine can be considered as express and exchange emotion. Wine is used in many different situations such as: weddings, funerals, welcome guests, engagement…In a different situations, people have a different use. It's special thing in the “wine culture” of the H’mong ethnic. Coming to this place visitors will be discovered that special things.

Ban Pho Wine

With sincere, honesty, hospitality, enthusiasm personality of the H’mong people, visitors will have the extremely interesting experience in Ban Pho village. On Saturday, Sunday family cooking wine directly for tourists witnessed and enjoy. To know more about the traditional cooking corn wine  and traditions customs visitors can contact the following address: Thong Ly Seo, Chu Vang Thi, Ban Pho village 2A, Ban Pho commune, Bac Ha, Lao Cai, phone 0979 529 863 or 01 663 824 200.

Nguyen Thanh Ngan - TIPC Lao Cai

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