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HIGHLAND CUISINE IN GRAIN SEASON14:01:50 | 23-04-2020 | Directory: What's hot?

What we can eat in Sapa this grain season (from September)?

October coming again, have you come to Northwest, Vietnam? If not, let do it right now. Come to Northwest this season, you can smell the grain flavor among upland and see the bright yellow sight which is amazing that you are overwhelmed. Especially in this season, Northwest also has its charm through its attractive dishes. Let see, what we will have?

Nuggets (Khau rang)

The most delicious dish and the most popular nuggets dish is belong to the Tay minority and the Giay minority. Nuggets is not only a pure and light appetizer in daily meal, but also is associated with Com moi festival. A little nuggets dish which is smelled sweet and gentle sticky rice grains, made me could not do anything but pick up some grain to eat. The fragrant nuggets which bring flavor of the earth, the wind, the sun, the fog, will make you can not forget.

 Nuggets made from Ethnic people

Nuggets made from Ethnic people. (Photo by Phuong Phan)

Along with nuggets, “khau rang” is also an indispensable offering in the Com moi Festival. “Khau rang” is made from young paddy which is unripened completely. After being boiled and dried in the shade to get the necessary moisture, it is soaked in water and cooked again. When a “khau rang” served on plate, sweet scent will gently make you impressive. Try to eat a piece and you will see the same flavor with sticky rice, but also very different.

Grilled chicken

          Chickens, which are reared naturally, are selected to give us the best barbecue chicken. Every fiber of chicken breast marinated spices, then grilled through straw and after that is grilled over charcoal. With crispy skin and sweet flesh, grilled chicken will make you can not stop eat it. Don’t forget to eat it with some powdered soup and fresh chili. You must try to know that warm taste!

Pig kept in the armpit (Lon Cap nach)

          Have you ever heard about it? The pig kept in the armpit is called pigs because they are very small that you can hold it in your armpit! Yes, that is! After each harvest, pigs were grazed freely in the fields and find food by themselves. They eat grass, ridge and some leftover grain. Because of this breeding, these pigs have a special size and their meat are clean and delicious in a natural way.

 grilled pork with vegetables

Grilled pork with vegetables (Sources: Internet)

Pork is cooked into various dishes such as grilled pork, steamed pork,… The grilled pork which is meticulously marinated with spices such as “doi” seed, black pepper, “mac khen”,… will give you an unforgetable memory.

Dried buffalo meat ("Thit Trau Kho")

The last dish that I introduce to you in this article is a very popular dish – dried buffolo meat. To get a delicious dried buffalo meat, maker have to choose meat in the shoulder or the back of a buffalo, then cut them into long cubes and marinate with special spices such as chili, salt, ginger, some special leaves water and “mac khen”. After that, each long cubes is hanging upstairs kitchen in a half year to have smoke odor. The last product can steamed, grilled or cooked into various dishes. When you eat, a cup of corn liquor is a good ideas. You have to try to know that special flavor Northwest!

Someone said: “Come to Lao Cai, see moutain/ Hear forest songs, waterfall sing/ Golden season, grain greetings/ After sunset, don’t want to leave.” Because you are not only try this special food, but also experience a peaceful and friendly life here.

Bui Thai Ha - TIPC Lao Cai

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