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Man Than liquor - A Simacai specialty01:36:19 | 18-08-2016 | Directory: What's hot?

I'll tell you about this specialty of Lao Cai.


Simacai, located in the Northeast of Lao Cai, is 95km far from Lao Cai city. Come to this land, visitors is not only immersed in the greenery of the mountains but also have the opportunity to enjoy some colorful fairs with many delicious dishes and other famous specialities. And I’ll tell you about Man Than liquor.


Man Than liquor is made mainly from corn. The liquor is cooked from local corn and combined with Hong My enzyme. The water, which is used to cook liquor, is from natural water resources of Man Than commune. To have a good liquor, it’s not only the good material but also the traditional techniques of the Mong minority and the long experience of craftsmen distillers.

 Corn is main material

Corn is main material. (Photo by wikimedia)

Herein, liquor is not only an indispensable offering in important rituals, but also a part of the daily meal. What a warm meal that the whole family together to share all sad and happiness beside a cup of Man Than liquor!

Making liquor

Making liquor (Photo by blogphuot)

And do you wonder if alcohol cause headaches? A special thing of Man Than liquor that is not cause headache after drinking.

 experience makingwine process

Tourists experience winemaking process (Photo by

So, do you want to try a little bit? Come to Simacai, drink a cup of liquor. You know, you might learn how to cook it?


Bui Thai Ha - TIPC Lao Cai

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