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Traveling experience at salmon farm14:28:50 | 23-04-2020 | Directory: What's hot?

Feeling the wildness of nature, enjoying the specialties fish in cold water …visitors will have impressive experiences when they’re visiting the salmon farm in Ban Khoang commune, Sapa.

Mr. Nguyen Van Luy, a farmer had a long time to feed cold water fish in Ban Khoang commune, he is completing a unique homestay area to welcome visitors this summer. Mr Luy said that: Many visitors want to enjoy  specialties salmon at the farm, but he must to miss the appointment for many reasons. After many deliberations, recently Mr Luy decided to build this homestay to combine cold water fish farming with tourism.

Salmon Farm – Attractive destinations for visitors

Ban Khoang Commune is considered as the "capital" ofSaPa's cold water fish because of the natural conditions fit to this fastidious species. In fact, this is also the largest salmon and sturgeon farms in Sa Pa. Coming to Ban Khoang to visit the salmon farm, visitors can see the "engineers" farmers are learn by themselves, mastering techniques to feed successfully this "Fish princess". About topography, architecture, each farm is a special construction on slope mountain to ensure a cold water source around the year and continuous flow of water between stairs and providing oxygen for the species fish come fromEurope.

In Ban Khoang, cold water fish farms are concentrated mainly in Can Ho A, Can Ho B, Can Ho Mong, and Phin Ho. After a moment relax and watching the fish float under the clear water, visitors can walk on the concrete roads to visit the village and  blend into the rich cultural life of the Northwest.

Besides Mr. Nguyen Van Luy, many owners of salmon farms are also planning to build homestay to welcome tourists. Currently, the commune is coordinating with neighboring localities to build a village tour, visit the salmon farm connecting Ta Phin, Ban Khoang, Ta Giang Phin. In the near future, Ban Khoang will become an attractive tourist destination with visitors and cold water fish farms are the highlight.

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