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DREAMING NIGHT IN SAPA08:12:39 | 23-04-2020 | Directory: When come to Sapa?

If you have ever come to Sapa - a beautiful town in the fog, I think you won’t have forgotten the exciting feeling, especially when night falls where the beautiful little town present.

Sapa town is surrounded by spectacular mountain and the forest but can not take away the romantic nature of the land and its people. After dinner is the most wonderful moment for tourists who are striding the streets around the town to unleash choose for themselves with the beautiful souvenirs, as distinctive products of the ethnic minorities here or sitting on tasting a cup of coffee with friends,  family after the walk. More interesting is that you can stop at a roadside diner to enjoy the nightlife of Sa Pa inside the fragrant barbecue sauces are embedded with unique dishes that you can only feel when coming to Sapa.

"West Street" lovely name have been named by the local people and tourists for Sapa's main street. It always bustling passers with shops anniversary sale of handicraft products unique is the perfect combination of the talented hands harmony with the traditional culture of ethnic minorities here;

The hotel, cozy restaurant is designed in European style with many balconies overlooking the "West Street" is decorated by hundreds of colorful flower baskets flower are always meticulously cared. Made very own scent, a special Sapa. Coming to Sa Pa with the "Night Market" you also be mixing with the boys and girls from ethnic black Mong, red Dao or friendly guests in flute and dance, the special culture of minorities on the highland such words of welcome, inviting tourists all over come to Sapa to explore on their own and  have a special experience in Sapa.

Translated by: To Uyen

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