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Traditional Brocade – Wonderful gifts for Tourists in Sa Pa

Traditional Brocade – Wonderful gifts for Tourists in Sa Pa14:31:38 | 23-04-2020

Sa Pa is very famous of beautiful scenery, fresh climate and traditional costume of different minorities ethnics. 

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Sapa New Market

Sapa New Market14:24:40 | 23-04-2020

Sapa new market was built in 2013, next the intersection turn to Lai Chau province, near by Sapa new bus station, away about 1 km from the stone church 

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Sa Pa new market

Sa Pa new market14:34:40 | 23-04-2020

The intersection turn to Lai Chau, away from the stone church about 1,5 km. A daily market, on Sunday is local market, people of all ethnic groups in the district will gather at the market to sell agricultural products, crafts, brocade and purchase essential goods for their daily lives.

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Mai Coffee & Souvenir Sapa00:33:57 | 10-04-2020

Add 1: 20 Ham Rong Str, Sapa Town

Add 2: 06B Fansipan, Sapa Town

Opening hours: 8am - 9:30 pm.

Tell: +84 965.102.444


Located in the center of Sapa, Mai Coffe & Souvenir is a place frequented by many tourists. There are many beautiful and interesting brocade items sold here. The products here are bags, jewelry, handmade accessories with designs, colors, diverse sizes, beautiful and fancy.

Brocade patterned handbags will make your mom or sister or girlfriend feel happy as soon as they are received. There are quite a lot of models, diverse with reasonable prices. Prices are only from 9.000 VND/item.


The shop not only sells souvenirs in Sapa but also sells many other Sapa specialties such as jam, flower tea, essential oil, ... the price is affordable but the quality is guaranteed.

SaPa Trekking & Souvenir Shop17:18:24 | 16-04-2020

Add: 04, Xuan Vien Street, Sapa Town.
Tel: +84 373 248 668

Located in the center of Sapa town, SaPa Trekking & Souvenir shop is very convenient for visitors to visit and buy souvenirs. This is a diverse shopping address and quality. It sells brocade items such as backpacks, towels, wallets, jewelry,.. ; Types of Essential Oils: Rose, Lavender,..; Sapa specialties: assorted jams, torn bamboo shoots; Types of Camellia: Chrysanthemum, Bat Tien Tea, Rose Flower ...; Drugs of the Red Dao: sinusitis remedy, medicine alcohol, etc. Inaddition, the store also has clothes and shoes from TheNorthFace. The store is quite large and wide, so customers can feel free to see and choose the right item for themselves. Souvenir price is also quite reasonable from 50,000 to 1,000,000 VND depending on the dish so many visitors love it. Therefore, the store has become a reliable shopping destination that many tourists choose, especially international visitors.

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