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Sapa New Market02:00:26 | 08-08-2017 | Directory: Where to shop?

Sapa new market was built in 2013, next the intersection turn to Lai Chau province, near by Sapa new bus station, away about 1 km from the stone church 

The most crowded time is on Sunday, the minority ethnic groups from villages will  gather at the market to sell agricultural products, crafts, brocade, and purchase essential goods for their daily lives.

At the downstair, there are a lot of  Eastern medicinal plant stores, with many rare medicines  because Sapa was famous for a place of planting and harvesting many rare medicinal herbs.

There is one area where sells casual clothing. The upstair is for the people to show their brocade and products made from brocade.

The market has a lot of souvenirs and many other commodities for tourists’ needs. In the town center has many shops selling souvenirs, plentiful items for your choice. There are also many other service shop such as: Red Dao medicinal bath, massage...

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