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Traditional Brocade – Wonderful gifts for Tourists in Sa Pa14:31:38 | 23-04-2020 | Directory: Where to shop?

Sa Pa is very famous of beautiful scenery, fresh climate and traditional costume of different minorities ethnics. 

Tourists are very interested in joying in many activities to discover the mystery of this land, so you can spend two or three day to visite the villages of different local people and walk around the town during the night to buy some gifts for your friends, your family…

          It’s very easy to see many handicrafts in the villages, but you should choose the real products with the best quality which bring unique traditional cultural values of ethnic people here. We can give you the list of the best place where you can choose the most beautiful presents:

1. Wild Orchid Shop: Main shop at 029A Cau May Street – Sapa town. Moreover, you can see another of Wild Orchid shop at Sa Pa Museun (inside Tourist Information and Promotion Center)

Photo by To Uyen

2. Pho Nui Brocade shop at 013 Cau May street – Sapa town

3. Luong thuy Brocade Club at 017 Fansipan streer – Sapa town and Brocade number 5 and 18 at Sa Pa display area of local products (nearby Tourist Information Center)

Photo by To Uyen

4. Indigo Cat at 034 Fansipan Street – Sapa town    

Photo: collected


To Uyen

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